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You can email me at for information on donating or a presentation to your group about Larkin’s Place at the Y

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  1. glen says:

    Just wanted to pass along a poem I wrote, after spending an afternoon with a friend’s 2-year old Grandson, he and his half-Brother have had some rough moments, but both are doing better.

    Treasure of Mount Kilimanjaro

    from banks and bushes
    olive gold green
    berry fantastic
    love knows no bounds
    knows what’s seen
    …and felt.
    well and swell
    not larger than Life,
    as large as can be.
    That’s Life.
    Touched and heard
    nary a discouraging word
    and laughter and bright colored felt tipped pens.
    We sang today in moonlight
    and dimming of light to night
    so bright we shone
    climbed mountains
    and stairs on wheels
    He said he is strong…
    and is OKAY!
    What a day.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to let you know I just read your “Why the word retard isn’t funny” blog and posted in on my facebook to share it with the world ( or at least people I know in my world!) I can totally relate to every word that you wrote and you expressed it perfectly! Thank you for sharing your story and your talents and writing this note.
    As a mom that also has a terminal ill child, with a rare neurological disease, I know our kids are here to teach the world something, and I believe you are doing Larkin very proud.

    I’m a new fan of your blog, and so glad that I came across this!

    God Bless you and your family!

    With Hope,
    Rachele Chrismer

  3. Susan Layton says:

    My heart goes out to all the children who are different and struggling to make it in the classroom, and the parents trying to juggle what the professionals are telling them they should insist on for their children in the classroom vs. what the school will actually provide. As a parent with two children who have been blessed to have no physical disabilities and yet have special needs (one child did not talk for a full year when she was four) it has been challenging to get the school system to take seriously those needs, and I feel like a constant failure for not advocating well enough on my children’s behalf. I hope Larkin’s Place will be a place parents can help each other with advocacy and resources for working with the schools, as well as having the support of others going through this difficult process.

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