Well oiled machine

Barnes is just that.  Every single visit we have had runs like clock work.  Yesterday the visit was wonderful.  The mass on her foot is not a tumor but is a cyst.  The bone is fine and there is no sign of cancer.  The doctor does not want to remove it as he feels it will only come back and it’s a delicate area of tendons.   He showed us the MRI film and we could clearly see the area in between her joint, ankle and heel where the cyst is.   We are going in tomorrow to Carle for a fitting for AFO’s.  You may have seen children wearing clear or white plastic braces on their ankles and/or up the calf.  Larkin will wear those along with special inserts and shoes to keep her from pronating in on her ankles, which is what is causing the cyst.  Hopefully this will correct her stepping motion and the mass will go away on it’s own.  We will continue to watch it.

 Her Neurologist emailed me a brief note that her brain scan was fine and within in normal range for her. 

We breathe a little easier today.  Hopefully that will continue for a long time 🙂

If you didn’t get the chance to get out to Christopher Rory Photography for your spring bunny photo….take the time and make an appointment now.   How could you resist a photo op like this

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3 Responses to Well oiled machine

  1. Jill says:

    What a bunch of darling Easter Bunnies!!!!
    XOXOXOXOXO to you all!

  2. lbotp says:

    That photo is so cute I want to eat it! I’m glad the appt went so well, I hope that will help you enjoy the holiday that much more.

  3. Barbie says:

    Oh my gosh that is the cutest picture of Larkin and Chase yet!!!

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