The Truth is in the Tour

A friend of the blog posted a comment to me that LifeLines in Champaign has a warm water therapy pool and that Larkin could benefit from this until Larkin’s Place therapy pool is ready.  They even have a SHALLOW end for Larkin!!!

We have done our  homework for the business plan for LP.  Needless to say I was SHOCKED to find out there was a warm water pool inside Life Lines.  We toured their facility and our consultant has done an amazing due diligence for our project.  Today after golf I went back to their facility to see if I was in fact – losing it. 

I was ignored waited at the front reception area for 10 minutes.  No one was there.  I walked around the entire facility.  No pool.  No people.  Maybe it’s hidden and I just don’t know it.  I  was ignored waited at the front reception area for another 10 minutes.  There were 3 people inside so I figured out from watching that one of the persons was helping someone lift weights.  I felt bad but had to interrupt because I can’t be ignored wait at the front counter all afternoon.  Here is how this conversation went:

“excuse me but is there someone working at the front desk?”

“yes but she must be in the back…what do you need?”

“your website shows a warm water therapy pool here, where is that?”

“it’s at our downtown facility”

“oh you have two locations?”

“no, we are building our downtown location and hope to have it open in November”

 “so the warm water therapy pool doesn’t exist?”

“well no”

So bottom line is folks – THERE IS NO WARM WATER THERAPY POOL IN CHAMPAIGN URBANA.  And the pictures you see on the Life Lines website are not reality.  It is not their facility.  It does not depict their current programs or ability to program.  The website leads you to believe they are an up and running facility with hours and membership rates.  How about the fact that it doesn’t EXIST.  Here’s an idea…change the website to “under construction” or “imagine this” or maybe “in our dreams”. 

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2 Responses to The Truth is in the Tour

  1. Janet says:

    I am so sorry. I as told about the pool at a social event when I was asking if anyone know of a pool that was 94 degrees that a child could use. The lady assured me she had been at the pool. I just called her and I guess that lifelines used to be next to Tuesday Morning and have now moved to the space with Ant in Pants. At the previous location is where the pool was and that is now closed. I really feel so bad and will never give any information that I have not personally checked. Your time is to precious… I was just sure there had to be something out there.. so sorry… again….

  2. Amy says:

    Don’t be sorry!!! Please don’t be. Things just didn’t add up and I went back to fact find. I am just upset that their website is so misleading. You were kind enough to share a valuable tip with a parent in need. I can’t thank you enough.

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