13 – Thirteen – teen

13 years ago today at 5:40 in the a.m. I fell in love.  Soul consuming, mind blowing, DNA changing, blissful, deeper than the deepest well – LOVE.  Chase Larkin was born and consumed me.  Any of you who have children know the depth of love that I speak about.  I never knew love like this.  Throw yourself in front of a bus, bullet or bully for this being. 





He was on my belly and I looked into the bluest eyes – exclaimed over the blonde hair – and lost myself forever.  The baby has grown into a beautiful young teen.  Two of his teachers pulled me aside this week and said “what a NICE young man” – “I enjoy talking with him, he asks the best questions”  “He really can have adult conversations” – I cried each time.  I have each end of a spectrum and I am grateful that his path is easier but Larkin has taught him to protect those who need us to and to have compassion for those with differences.  Hard lesson to learn at 10 but he has stepped up beautifully. 





I love you baby Chase.  I love everything about you.  I love your soul, spirit, gentleness, compassion and those green eyes.  Thank you God for trusting me with him.  Thank you to his dad Mr. Ex – because you are great ex and a great dad.  Thank you to Andy for loving him as if he were your own. 


I am off to cry because it all goes too fast.  But he is a beauty to watch.  36 hours of labor and a lifetime of love.












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9 Responses to 13 – Thirteen – teen

  1. Zoey's mom says:

    Although we love our children all the same there will always be something about our first born.He is certainly a handsome guy with a beautiful mom who has obviously helped him along his way.Do enjoy these moments for as you already know,they go way too fast!

  2. Rory says:

    Happy Birthday

  3. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday young man. You make us all proud. —Jen

  4. ktshea says:

    Amen to the blessings of a thirteen year old boy. I have one, too, and I wish I could go back and introduce to all the people who warned me when he was a baby, “wait until he’s a teenager….”. I did wait, of course, and it’s absolutely wonderful! Not perfect- none of us are- but wonderful!

  5. Kristen says:

    That was beautiful! The video is especially close to my heart- that was my friend Karen’s song to Olivia.

  6. Shannon Ptomey says:

    Happy Birthday Chase!!!! My how you have grown into a young man!!!! It seems like just yesterday i was babysitting for you!! Now you are almost old enough to watch yourself. Take care of that darling sister of yours! 🙂

  7. lbotp says:

    Today he is a man! Oops, sorry. Wrong religion.

  8. Amy says:

    You just gotta rub it in that I don’t have the E 😉

  9. Linda says:

    Amy, I met you a week ago. I watched your sweet daughter move freely in the shallow water as we talked. I didn’t know you. I didn’t know your story. You told me you had a large readership. Well, it has increased by at least one since that day. I love your words. Your courage. Your celebration of all things good. And your honesty about all things hard. Many of your words have touched my soul.

    I have two sons and one daughter, not so little anymore. But they once were. I waited what seemed an eternity for them to come into my life. I am a mother because of the choices of three young women who chose life for their child, and trusted that someone else could be their mother. And I remember whispering softly into their infant ears to slow down. Don’t push so fast to grow up. But they didn’t listen to me.

    Thank you for sharing the so much.

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