A Moment of Grace

I am here feeding my girl. A carefully measured, nutritious breakfast that will give her strong bones, feed her growing body and keep seizures in her brain at bay. She looks at me with her cat shaped eyes, green like her dad’s, pools of love and a depth of trust that rips into the part of my soul that God so deeply intended all humans to have from the beginning. A child that is swallowing pill after pill to help her survive and continue to be able to look at me with those clear pools of green. Then I will pack her up and drive over to watch Chase play baseball. Watch perfectly formed bodies with such athletic ability that it takes my breath away. She will sit on my lap and giggle and be loved on by everyone. All the while a hate crime is being perpetuated by a movie. All the while the word Retard is thrown about because there are those who fail to realize what the truth is in “Free Speech”. All the while my son will enter 7th grade at a Catholic school, a protective loving environment, and have to endure the occasional slip of his buddies using the phrase that this movie will market to his peer group. My fight will be there all of my life. I am cool with that. I am not cool with the innocent, defenseless and those without a voice being picked on. They will not stop my Hallelujahs over this child and her place in life.

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