1st day of school

I will have more tomorrow about our experience on the first day of school.    Larkin is going to thrive in this environment and I can’t express how great I feel about her whole team.  I LOVE her teacher, Ms. LeVette – and her aide Ashley!!  I think the pictures will show you exactly how Ms. LeVette came to learn about one of Larkin’s famous hugs 🙂    Only daddy had tears but that story will come tomorrow. 

Heading into the building


Ms LeVette


The famous hug out

No one looks scared 🙂

I caught her during physical therapy

30 seconds after we left the parking lot


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14 Responses to 1st day of school

  1. Jen says:

    What a big girl. I can’t wait to hear more about it.

  2. Rebecca says:

    It looks like the first day was a hit!!!

  3. Irina says:

    Look at you mugging for the camera on your first day of school!
    I am so proud of you.

  4. Zoey's Mom says:

    School Larkin?What a big girl.Grow and blossom little one.The world is waiting for you.Show them how it’s done.

  5. RK says:

    SO SO glad it went well!!!

  6. lbotp says:

    What a beautiful sight … thank you for sharing these! I agree, she will thrive there. I’m so proud of all of you.

  7. Molly N says:

    Congrats! That is so exciting! I love the pics.

  8. Ann O says:

    Looks like everyone survived–and thrived? Glad it was a good start–and hope there are many more successful days!

  9. Ecki says:

    I’m so happy for Larkin! Glad it was a wonderful start!

  10. Leeanthro says:

    You know a kid has had a good day at school when they fall asleep on the way home.

    I am glad things went well 🙂

  11. cathy says:

    such a cutie! Glad it all went well for your little miss 🙂

  12. Terri says:

    Absolutely adorable!

  13. Barbie says:

    The First day of school! Larkin looks so happy, and loved! You know L is always in my prayers.
    I am thanking God with you for giving you great teachers whose love for your sweet girl is so apparent. Love the pics (as always).

  14. ktshea says:

    Her teachers are soo lucky!They have such a sweet girl and a wonderful new family in their lives now.

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