When grief gives us gifts

One of my sweetest dearest friends I have made on this journey is my girlfriend Barbie.  She is amazing, unassuming, and more loving and compassionate then anyone else I know.  We met on the internet and then met up in real life when our girls were not quite a year old.  We connected through grief and built a beautiful friendship of love.  We broke down, cried, and connected through pain only a parent and even only that a mother understands.  I love her so much and I love her little girl and her hubby aint too shabby either. 


Barbie sent me the following this morning.  It was an amazing way to wake up and start my day.  I often receive messages about how the blog helps people on the path.  I can’t take credit other then to say that I never ever want anyone to feel as lost as I did and I am answering a call that God put in my heart.  Enjoy the read because it is one of the best pieces I have ever had the pleasure of sharing. 


What I Know About Grief


When I say I know something about grief, I’m not saying I understand your pain.


I’m whispering that I have also grieved.



I am professing that I am weak and continue to pray daily for strength.

I’m saying I’m willing to let you see inside my pain.

I offer because I understand weakness, imperfect faith, and vulnerability.

It means I’ve found hope during moments of God’s tender comfort.

It means I am here because God helped me find my way through the darkness.


From “Grieving Forward” by Susan Duke


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2 Responses to When grief gives us gifts

  1. Melanie says:

    Amen Barbie and Amen Amy!!!! Thank you for sharing that with us!! You’ve done a wonderful job at sharing so many experiences with us with not only your life but so many others!!! I thank God everyday for bringing me to you!!! I feel like dancing do you feel like dancing? Right now my song is to here we go around the mulberry bush with my infant. . .lol. Kick off your shoes Ames and grab lil Miss Larkin and together we can dance to not being alone but being connected with so many others. Crank up that song that makes you want to wiggle and jiggle and here we goooooo!!! Hugs from the Bates family!!!

  2. Terri says:

    “I never ever want anyone to feel as lost as I did and I am answering a call that God put in my heart.”

    My thoughts exactly. Thanks Amy & Barbie for helping me on my journey. I am now in a place to help others.

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