Random musings

Larkin has gone 24 hours now without vomiting and the other end flow has stopped.  Carle and St Louis doctors released her to travel so I left Champaign for Naples and the sunshine apparently worked.  I gave her a half ounce of her version of milk cut with water and she is taking a nap.  Once she wakes we will see if this stays down.  THAT will be the sign that she is truly well.  I have had a lot of musings in my head since we began our travel.  Thought I would share a few and feel free to add your own.


Why do people drive below the speed limit in the passing lane?



Why doesn’t peanut butter have to be refrigerated?




Are these the people I might die with today? (random thought as I observed people in the gate room of our flight at the airport)




Climb climb climb – climb baby climb (always the chant in my head on takeoff)




Do people think they are invisible when they pick their nose in public?




There is no better smell in this world than a baby’s skin




There is no worse smell than a 13 yr old’s unbrushed teeth




easy baby easy (always the chant in my head on landing)




When you outgrow a bikini – someone close enough to you should let you know in case you don’t own a mirror




I need a pack of post it notes by the pool




Stephen King is one of the best things that has ever happened to me




I would need a lot of prescription (and maybe non) pills if I were to ever home school




Life aint so bad





The bailout doesn’t bother me as long as the unions make concessions AND the top union leadership doesn’t take any pay OR quits just like people are asking the executives to.





Why is it when you rub yourself it never feels as great as having someone else do it – massages are the BEST




Cancer sucks




Seizures suck

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5 Responses to Random musings

  1. Renee Garcia says:

    LOL yes, those were very random! I love the last two best. SO true!

  2. Lisa Frerichs says:

    If you get lonely, just let me know and I’ll be in Naples in a jiffy. Love that place. Go to Gumbo Limbo (restaurant on the beach at the Ritz) to eat dinner and watch the sunset……ahhhhh

  3. Melanie Bates says:

    Peanut butter were you eating some on your trip lol!! Sunshine is the best medicine can you soak some up for me!!!! Take care and enjoy your trip!!! Hugs from the Bates family!!!

  4. Tracey says:

    Post it notes should be on us at all times….these random thoughts made me laugh. Love em!

  5. lbotp says:

    “Natural” peanut butter needs to be refrigerated. I know people who refrigerate the processed stuff anyway.

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