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Larkin has strep throat. I am not exactly sure why they call it “strep” but it must have to do with the type of bacteria that causes it. Frankly I am too tired to Google it but that will sit in the back of my brain until I scratch the itch and read all about it.

She stayed home from school last Friday because she looked and sounded like Darth Vader. In the morning I picked her up from bed to find her face caked in …. well it wasn’t icing. Instead of using an ice chipper I put her in a hot tub and she soaked for a while. We loafed around the house but I had a meeting that I simply could not miss so my girlfriend Tracey came over. Maybe I shouldn’t say girlfriend anymore cause Larkin threw up all over her twice – including on her face. I asked Tracey if it was because she was singing to L and her voice caused the problem, and while we both pondered that thought, we chalked it up to strep.

I must admit that I was caught off guard by the strep diagnosis. Seriously? Who knew that Larkin could have plain ole issues that other kids have. Since we are the Rarely Family I never considered any type of illness that is “common”. Typhoid, flesh-eating bacteria, a virus only known to grow in the Amazon, those I would expect in our life. Nope – it’s just plain ole strep throat which was the verdict from the convenient care doc on Sunday afternoon. We came home with drugs and expecting to recover like typical people do.

Not so much. Larkin was lethargic and vomiting off and on but today she woke up sounding great and acting wonderful so I took her to school. That lasted 45 minutes. I had a wonderful conversation with a friend while driving to pick Larkin up from school after she had thrown up all over her teacher. I was laughing/crying about the situation and my girlfriend told me that her heart goes out to us. And you know what? I honestly can say that I am really ok with our situation. I am OK with life as it rolls for us because I can laugh and keep my sense of humor through most of it. I can truly say from the tips of my toes, from my bone marrow, from my heart – that I am glad it’s me and no one else.

She lost another pound between Sunday and today. In the back of my head now is tapeworm, toddler anorexia, and that list could go on in my sick mind. Have I mentioned how much I love her pediatrician Doctor Hill? He is Chase’s doctor as well as Larkin’s. I love and trust him with every inch of my mother being.

One shot of penicillin – which if you have the chance to ever take – pass – cause it hurts like hell. Just ask Larkin. But it did spring board her back to life after a 4 hour nap. Chase had a half day of school today and so we lounged around the house, I ran a few errands, and life was calm.

Confidential to the mom/grandmother (I couldn’t tell which one she was) in the waiting room at Carle. I have a few things to say to you but most importantly I didn’t say them because it would have been RUDE, UNKIND and something that people with manners don’t do.  Something you should take a lesson in.  It’s called NEUTRILIZER and you should use it to help with that bad perm you have. Also you may want to reconsider that outfit because it added an extra 15 pounds you really can’t afford, oh and don’t talk so loud on your cell phone.

Don’t talk so loud that the mom across from you holding her sweet little girl that happens to have Down syndrome, seizures and brain damage has to hear you say on the phone “did you ask your grandmother why she was acting all retarded the other day” Shame on you and next time I won’t just glare at you until you look away.

At least I have my sense of humor.

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10 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. You go girl. I hope she got the message.

  2. Cara says:

    OMG Amy people are SO unreal! I am speechless! Thinking of you and Miss L! We too are soon getting the walker for Lindsay that doesn’t match our drapes! But with your great memory of how you handled it, I am smiling and thinking oh well! Xox big hugs ~ Cara

  3. strep sucks! I hope your crew is feeling better soon. And as far as sucking goes… mean people suck too!

  4. Ecki says:

    Amy, I do so love your sense of humor. It’s the only way to stay (more or less) sane.

  5. Jessi says:

    You go girl. I have always wanted to say stuff like that the the most rude people.. Glad you posted it!!!! Hope your little one gets feeling better.

  6. Zoey's mo says:

    And … that sense of humor is why I keep coming back.Hard to believe,I have one too.Just been a little hard to find over the last 3 months.But every once in awhile it pops back and I cannot wait to reemerge with my smart ass ways before long.Actually,the 4th floor family enjoys my rants.I mange to make them smile,amidst the chaos ensues there.Thanks for my daily dose of laughter and honesty.It breathes life into me.

  7. Bethany says:

    I’m sorry Larkin has strep. 🙁 Man, does that girl ever get a break? Don’t answer that … I already know the answer. 🙁

    I’m cracking up about the lady in the waiting room. I had to tell another mom and preschool the other day not to say that word … seriously. She felt SO bad … hey, there is one person who learned her lesson.

  8. Bethany says:

    PS … thanks for your help lately with all the IS stuff. 😉

  9. Kristin T. says:

    Yes, at least you have your sense of humor, indeed! Thanks for reminding me that it’s OK to laugh at all junk life dumps at our doorstep. It was great meeting you at Jeff’s on Friday, too!

  10. Jen Brock's Mom says:

    Amy – I can always count on you for a good laugh. You need to write a book (I know, as if you have time!) Hugs to your sweet girl and your fam.

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