The Trillium Project

A few weeks ago, I received an email from two women here in Champaign who wanted to speak with me about a fund raising effort for Larkin’s Place.  Their idea intrigued me and we agreed to meet.  What began as three strangers quickly turned into a bond and I immediately knew this was a perfect and “right” project for Larkin’s Place.


Suzanne and Ann are artists and started a project known as The Trillium Project.  A Trillium is a flower and it holds many facets and metaphors for how this project will work with Larkin’s Place.


The Trillium changes color while blooming.  I have found that I have changed color many times during my blooming process with Larkin.  My friends who face challenges also have changed and continue to change and we all agree that we are changed for the better.  


There are many different types of trilliums and each has different healing properties depending on the color and other qualities of the specific plant.  Many types of parents and families support and love someone with a disability.  We each have our own way and progress of healing.   


Trillium is used as an herbal aid in childbirth.  If a child is “stuck,” Trillium can be used to draw energy down.  Working with a loved one with a cognitive or physical disability requires a great deal of energy and more importantly POSTIVE energy.  


Positive energy is what Suzanne and Ann ooze.  It simply flows from their pores and wraps you in warm, loving, calm, fluid movement.  It feels so good to be with them and so I set out on a mission to grab an eclectic group of women.  Suzanne and Ann wanted to play on my trademark “Momologist” for Mothers Day so I had to move fast.  


I represent seizures and brain damage and my friends Amber, Jen, Shelli, Tracey, and Donita all represent a different area and struggle with disabilities.  Coming together was amazing as we all spoke of our journey, struggles, love, hopes, and fears.  There were some tears but more often then not, we were laughing and making jokes about our situations.  UPLIFITNG and POSITIVE!!!  It’s what I love and live for!!


Each of us took slate tiles and wrote what we felt best represents our journey as mothers.  A few of us have had our husbands write.  Husbands and fathers rarely have the chance to express their innermost feelings and this was the perfect forum.  It can be private or not – they can choose to share their complete message or keep it private.  These tiles are then glazed to protect our words and then cut so that 3-4 words are on a piece.  After that, they will be available for purchase as necklaces at Bella in the Shops of Knollwood.  I will let you know via another post when the date of sale begins.




The tiles will be ready as gifts for Mothers Day.  People who receive or buy a necklace will carry a piece of our life with them.  On their website it says, “Trillium is dedicated to raising awareness and empowering those facing extraordinary life challenges by expressing their words and stories through the creation of inspired art”   You can find their site at



Going forward when we are not under a time crunch, we plan to expand this project to include many.  Mothers, fathers, siblings, extended family, friends, and our very special children who have something to share as well.  My hope and goal is that from this small group of positive energy we can reach out and become like a Trillium and draw energy down into each other.  Positive energy – it’s infectious and I want everyone to catch it.


I will share part of what I have written on my tile.  I wanted to include my son Chase in my words so I took a poem Chase wrote called “I am” and I played with it a little.  Both of my children are here in this story. 


My children are fearless and random He worries about his sister She never worries and only loves him My children are fearless and random He understands that she will never be what people call “normal” She is perfection My children are fearless and random He say’s do not judge She will not ever judge you My children are fearless and random He wants for it to always be summer She is summer My children are fearless and random












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  1. Brigitte says:

    Very inspiring Amy!! What a wonderful fundraiser. I will definitely be ordering one! Thank you!!

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