She is all mine – a blessing

I am so blessed and loved by my Heavenly Father that Chase and Larkin are mine.  Both of my children have special needs and so will the twins when they are born.  ALL children have special needs.  ALL children have issues and need us as their parents to advocate for them in one way or another.

Chase needs me in very different ways than Larkin does because his physical health isn’t weakened.  However he needs me in his corner to advocate for his mental, physical, emotional, and religious well being.  I want him happy, thriving, rested, respectful and to have a deep faith for his gifts.

Larkin.  Every single day I thank God she is mine.  She is within our protective cocoon of love, support, and therefore she will thrive.  She has many struggles which challenge us daily and sometimes moment to moment but frankly I like who I have become with her in my life so how could I not be grateful?

Some days I chuckle as I watch those who haven’t been granted the gift of certain life lessons.  Their lives seem so seamless and flowing with beautiful flowers, rainbows, and waterfalls.  Then I remember that just like life with Larkin, appearances are deceiving.  Those same people who think my life is hard and they would never want to be me in a million trillion years – right back atcha.

Life with a child like Chase is extraordinary. Larkin is the cherry and whipped cream on top of that sundae.  Perspective is given and my reactions to the petty things in life are very different.  Things that rile up other parents don’t phase me to the extreme and I have learned how to advocate without being adversarial.  There are times when I will stand in the shower and cry or call a girlfriend to vent when I need to but when it comes down to everyday life and how to approach situations, I don’t sweat the small stuff.

Did you know that in the United States of America over 90% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome while the mother is pregnant are aborted?  Did you know that in most countries outside of the United States these children are placed in orphanages and at age 4 are institutionalized with adults and die within a short period of time?

I know it.  I ache over it.  I ache because my daughters life holds such little value to so many but I believe by giving correct information, doctors giving parents diagnosis in a manner that lends itself to education vs fear, that parents would see that while it isn’t exactly a picnic all the time – that life with a child like Larkin can be extraordinary.

Take a moment to watch the following video.  It breaks my heart to look into eyes that are just like Larkin’s and know they are not loved or protected.  I clutch her tighter and to the core of my soul am so grateful that she is mine.

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  1. Laura Wright says:

    Wow Amy…I had no idea the termination rate was 90%. So alarming…so many parents have missed an divine blessing because of their fear. Continue educatiing all of us. Been meaning to tell you a gal’s husband in my bible study has a brother who has down’s syndrome. He is married to a woman (also has down’s syndrome) they live independently and recently visited them. Anyway, can’t wait to meet L, E and B someday. Hopefully sooner than later. Coming for Thanksgiving, would love to stop by…

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