Notes from the heart

I received the following two notes from friends and it was so wonderful to have the positive feedback.  I teared up reading the note as it was so obviously written from Christie’s heart and it moved me to know that others truly do care and want to join in making a difference.  Thank you Christie for being a true friend.


Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for making me more aware of the “r” word. Today at work, someone was talking to me and said “she is being so retarded”. I then told her I really didn’t like the use of that word. She then said she didn’t realize she had said it and thanked me for bringing it to her attention.

It seems people are very desensitized and use the “r” word. In the past I hadn’t noticed it much, but after reading your blogs, etc., I have become aware and now speak up to others. I have a teen and have even talked to him and his friends about it.

So – thanks again for making me more aware and a better person.


This note from my friend Laura put into words exactly how I have been feeling about Larkin lately.  Weird but it’s hard for me to say it out loud because I am always waiting for the other shoe to  drop – but these days I have to agree with the following:

“And I love the new pic of Larkin on your Facebook page. I don’t know what it is, but with each new pic, she looks bigger, stronger, more grown-up, and I feel she is less “fragile” and more “yes, here to stay with us.” Know what I mean? (And yes, I know our perception of our own and our loved one’s longevity is always a bit of an illusion – we could all get hit by a meteor tomorrow!!)”

Gotta love those kinds of notes in your email.  And as Laura points out that while none of us are promised a tomorrow, I am able to quiet that hateful voice in the dark recesses of my mind that tries to whisper every so often “it’s not if the seizures will return, it’s when” because she is getting stronger and filled with spunk and spirit.

I am sharing a couple of pictures of Larkin with Andy because they truly show that spunk/spirit/strength.  Not to mention true love 🙂



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2 Responses to Notes from the heart

  1. Ann says:

    these photos are so full of life and love!

  2. Zoey's mom says:

    Absent in comments but not in spirit.Love these pictures.Beyond love them.That face,that smile,speak volumes.

    Thanking you for your continued love and unending support.

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