The first time ever I saw your face

Sharing with all of you the beauty of our journey. Enjoy

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4 Responses to The first time ever I saw your face

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have been thinking about you all. Didn’t want to bother you. Hope everybody is feeling well and that you all have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

    Steph and Christopher

  2. Zoey's mom says:

    Thank you Amy for sharing the miracle of this day with all of us.CANNOT wait to see some future video of big sister Larkin with the little beauties.

    Much love and a very Blessed Christmas to you all.

  3. Mary M. Ellis says:

    Such a beautiful video. I’ve followed your blog for some time and how wonderful to see the twins. The Very Best to All of You and Happy Holidays to Fourteen, Larkin, Erin, Brin and Mom and Dad Armstrong.

  4. Bethany says:

    I love this … if there were one type of photography I could solely do, it would be this. I soo want to have this done if we have another … love it Amy! Congrats on your two new little beauties … I hope everyone is adjusting well!

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