Persistence pays off

I have always said how much Larkin enjoys the water and when she was lost to us because of the seizures, it was only when we put her in the pool that we saw a glimpse of life.  Today she has amazed all of those who surround her daily at the pool.  Her coach is also the coach at the Champaign County YMCA Will Barker.  Will made me cry two years ago when he volunteered without hesitation to teach Larkin how to swim.  Will has a passion for swimming, kids, and he also has a nephew Hagen who has Down syndrome so he is comfortable with those with special needs. Will and I had a goal of teaching Larkin to swim to the edge should she fall into the pool. Larkin, as usual, showed us that she is amazing, smart, and strong.  Check out this video and share the joy we are feeling.

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  1. RK says:

    Ho-ly Crap!! I did NOT expect to see THAT! I’m sitting here totally amazed. She is MORE than a superstar! Larkin!!! You blew me away, girl….keep swimmin’, little fishie!

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