Filling cracks in the heart

Today the girl and I were enjoying some time alone while B&E napped. I did chores around the house while she played with toys here and there.

We went outside to jump on the new trampoline we put in the backyard. It has high safety netting and is small enough for the girls to keep everyone safe. She giggled from her seated position while I bounced her up and down (if anyone says a trampoline isn’t a calf workout they are WRONG)

Once inside she ate animal crackers as I sat and returned email. She walked over to my stool and reached up to me with both arms and I stood expecting to lift her and begin to twirl as this is her routine ~ arms raised only to be twirled until she is dizzy and then she is off.

Today she folded into me ~ and I was caught by surprise as affection is hard to come by for Larkin.

Head on my shoulder arms tucked between her body & my chest.

And she stopped for a few minutes to cuddle and just be all mine.

God knows what fills the cracks in a mothers heart and a child coming home to rest on our body no matter their age is a very good start.

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6 Responses to Filling cracks in the heart

  1. Laura says:

    Oh how I love this and how reading this immediately brought tears to my eyes. As my own turns 20 today I know how few and far between these types of moments are. You are so blessed : )

  2. Lisa B-K says:

    I hug my 18 YO son and 12 YO daughter at every opportunity. The definitely fill in the cracks. Thank you.


  3. Donita says:

    I have to remember to keep a tissue close by when reading your posts. *love*

  4. Angela M. Shupe says:

    What a precious time for mama and daughter. Touched my heart, Amy. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. dale says:

    Blessing of the day for Amy…. Thank you God

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