The comedy of irony

I have learned over time that I don’t need to participate in every fight.  I don’t need to add my voice, time, energy, or advocacy to situations that pop up here and there via social media, mainstream media, or everyday life.

I am passionate about human beings not causes.  I am passionate about respect and I have realized that respect is a two way street.

A friend of mine and I were talking about a social situation where she is very uncomfortable and I explained to her that I allow others to draw the line in the sand and I then respect their line.

Respect their line.

It’s not my bag of rocks to carry around and when you respect the line that someone draws it brings peace, confidence, and usually highlights why you need the line in the first place.

Tracy Morgan made a joke during his routine in New York recently and it has drawn a lot of fire.  Tracy Morgan is on the hit NBC show 30 Rock and I dearly love that show and his character plus I have always enjoyed his quirky humor and take on life.  He makes me laugh most of the time.

Tracy Morgan had to apologize for his “comedy” routine not all that long ago for his jokes about homosexuality.

Then he took a shot at me which I don’t mind however his bigotry and hate speech made me pause.

Performing at a New York comedy club on Saturday, Morgan told his audience not to “mess with women who have retarded kids” because “them young retarded males is strong … they’re strong like chimps.

I am that woman.  My child is that “retarded kid”.

Tracy Morgan is a comedian however Tracy Morgan is also a black male.  He knows how it feels to be oppressed, discriminated against, and if he doesn’t know it personally I am willing to bet he knows it from history and family stories.

Tracy Morgan knows better.  He singled out a group that can’t fight back when he likened males with developmental disabilities to chimps.


Now the shot he fired at me as a mother I can take.  He couldn’t handle me in person that I am most sure of and it’s easy to be a coward from his stage.

The audience he was in front of groaned and didn’t laugh.

Because it’s not funny.

Tracy I can tell you this from my stage.  My child is beautiful.  She smiles, loves, makes no judgement of color/race/creed.  She doesn’t know hatred or racism.  She doesn’t know how to be a bigot.

She can handle your hatred because you can’t harm her.

I can’t tolerate you because you harm me when you take shots at her.

And for the record it’s not the strong males and females with developmental disabilities who will harm you for messing with us Mommy Warriors.  It’s our friends, co-workers, communities, and me.

Make a joke that is funny Tracy.

Use your talent and brain power to write humor we can enjoy vs taking shots at a group that still fights for inclusion and civil rights.

I will respect the line Tracy drew and his lack of apology to the group that asked for it doesn’t require my broadcast.  It’s Tracy’s bag of rocks to carry and his hate will fester and grow unless he educates himself in the art of respect.

Inclusion & Civil Rights.  Irony is being served hot to you Tracy.  I suggest a nice Merlot to wash it down.

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    I hadn’t heard. Damn.

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