Reclaiming Her

Team meetings aint just for coaches & football.  Larkin has an entire team of people who are the most precious of gems in Unit 4 always working/helping this little girl in communication, independence, with a little bit of fun in between.

Team meetings are held once a month so everyone touches base on what is working, what is not working, and tweaking the goals.  Early in the morning the administration, teachers, communication admin, speech/occupational/physical therapist, and aides all sit down with me and we talk about Larkin.

It took 7 months to write Larkin’s IEP because she is complex and I wanted it done right in order for transitions to be easier as we move her along every year.  Starting over is not an option and Larkin’s complexity needs a beautifully written fluid document that tells her story and needs to a complete stranger coming into her life.  That is how you write an IEP ~ so that if a completely new person enters Larkin’s educational life they can read it and know exactly what to do.

I had not had any coffee yet this morning so I was a bit fuzzy but Larkin’s speech therapist Donna said something that stopped my heart and I blinked back tears when I realized how profound this small statement was.

“She’s such a good girl”

Donna was giving her team update after coming back from our 3 week spring break on how well Larkin was doing and that she hadn’t lost anything over the time away from school.  Many children this complex lose skills while away from the regular therapy input and Larkin will often lose ground but this time we didn’t.  I attribute a lot of this to daily swimming at the YMCA and the weather has been so nice that she has been outside swinging and playing so we are constantly engaging her in physical activity which helps tremendously in retention of skills.

Donna was remarking on how well Larkin is responding to verbal input and when Donna asks Larkin to sit down ~ Larkin will find her chair and sit.  This is huge stuff in our world and cause for celebration.  But Donna continued with a smile and said

“She’s such a good girl”

In that sentence Donna smiled with every word and said it with such love that she humanized Larkin in a profound way for me.  In the daily grind of caregiving, ensuring all medical needs are met, that Larkin is happy, it is often easy to lose sight of the little girl who just IS and that really is all it takes to define Larkin.

I am reclaiming her in the softest and most simple of ways ~ My good girl

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  2. Amy says:

    And she is. Love this post!

  3. Katie says:

    A great reminder that just a few simple words can make such a big difference!

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