Random Musings in July

I’ve not written in quite a while but most who read/know me understand that Larkin owns me when school is out for summer.

We spend our days playing which for Larkin is therapy.  Swimming, music, friends, outings, and all the other things that a million other families are doing across the country.  Ours just looks a little different and takes more time ~ which leads to my random musings.

I have a few blogs posts rattling around in my head but it requires that I have the time and energy to sit and then process the emotions that come after.  I have had neither but Larkin starts school tomorrow, I will find my groove again, and blogging will again have a place in my world.

1.  No one ever wants to hear the words “Hi I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC”

2.  A fly buzzing around a quiet kitchen might be more annoying than a toddler screaming

3.  Direct Deposit sounds gross even if you are talking about a paycheck

4.  I laughed til I cried when someone on Twitter suggested instead of taking down the Joe Paterno statue … they should have just covered it up for 12 years

5.  I’d like to see a family (including mine) have dinner and no one take out a phone during the entire meal

6.  How DOES Chris Hansen introduce himself at dinner parties? Does anyone panic?

7.  When exiting a tight seating row it’s proper to put your butt in the persons face ~ balance alone requires this.  You simply can’t move easily when you face the person and I find that odd ~ try it next time you are at a Cub game or in a theater

8.   I found a pair of heels that I just loved but could not bring myself to buy them after I saw the brand was “Paris Hilton” ~ aint giving that girl ANY dough

9.  Seriously who the hell doesn’t know who Chris Hansen is these days?  If they don’t they deserve to be arrested for that alone

10.  The person who invented the delay time brew on the coffee machine ~ I want to kiss on the mouth

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  1. This is the first time I have visited your blog and I have to say—-you are one talented writer. Thanks for all the smiles.

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