8 is great

How could we have known? ┬áThe storm set in a few hours after enjoying your sweet baby smell, your beautiful green eyes, and that you were OUR’s.

The beauty of the gift of life ~ is the unexpected surprises along the way

The anticipation brought by always having hope

The calm that comes from having a deep abiding faith.

continuing, enduring, eternal, everlasting, persistent, steadfast, steady, constant, permanent, perpetual, indissoluble ~ love and faith for all things you beautiful girl.

Thank you God for entrusting her to us.

Thank you Larkin for curing my blindness and showing me that all things beautiful in this world can be found when you think it’s the darkest.

8 year journey thus far that has been quite a roller coaster ~ here’s to many more

Happy birthday my sweet love


Larkin & Gma Larkin & Gpa Larkin007 AmyPenny DSCN08001 Larkin Birth 033 Larkin'sFamily Larkin&Chase
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