Does this drain make my butt look big??

Our local grocery store County Market is where I buy mylar balloons for L. Chase and I were shopping on Valentines and they had GIANT ones with the bases with sand in them. I bought two for her. Just so you know it isn’t sand it was KITTY LITTER!!! Twisted Evil The weight had split and Andy found Larkin with kitty litter all over her mouth after eating it off the floor. Thank God we found her early enough and she had not actually ingested any. FYI it’s not toxic but it can cause a blockage in the GI track that requires surgery. After my call today they will no longer be using kitty litter. Makes me want to throw up in my mouth. 

Larkin is having surgery to put tubes in her ears this coming Wednesday (20th) The pre-op nurse and I were talking about her health history. She asked if we could go over that and I replied…we would be here for years how about I forward you her history that I keep in a Word document. She told me her list showed 5 things and proceeded down the list:

Down syndrome (check)
Seizures (check)
Lennox-Gaustaut (check)
Mental Retardation … WTH?? I flipped back with– well isn’t that nice of them to throw that in just in case the first 3 didn’t hammer that home thanks for bringing that to my attention and I’ll be sure to add an addendum to her history cause we sure as hell didn’t know that.

Larkin was in the shower marinating to help relieve her congestion. She covered the drain with her butt and water of course stopped up and spilled out of the shower all over the floor. I found 2 inches of water around the tile outside of the shower and toilet which I cleaned up like it was an episode of Survivor. After we went to the basement to do Physical Therapy with Barry and I found a caved in basement tile and a wet treadmill (it still works thank God) and Lite gait as it had dripped through a register vent and was working it’s way through the duct work.

Good times. I’m drinking wine. Larkin gets sedation so why shouldn’t I. 

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