Totally tubular man

Larkin at CarleAndy snapped this picture of L’s face while I was at her “other end” putting in a tylenol suppository.  I think the photo says it all. 

Larkin’s ENT decided it wasn’t worth the risk of putting her under for tubes.  He thinks that we are heading out of the flu/cold season and hopefully her ears will clear on their own.  No surgery works great for me and now Larkin can just pretend she can’t hear me just like her brother. 

 Larkin has been cracking us up for the past few weeks.  It’s been so nice to just relax and enjoy her.  Relax…that is a relative term of course.  Andy and I are always keeping a close eye for ROS.   This next line you have to read in a whisper tone…(return of seizures)  We don’t like to use the S word outloud or in full length because there is a direct medical link to conjuring them up.   At least in our head there is a link 🙂 

She is laughing so much these days.  A sound we thought we would never hear.  It’s a delight for our hearts. 

This website is going to look very different soon.  Now that Larkin’s Place is real (other then in my kitchen) the site is going to take on bringing everyone up to date on our progress, logo, pictures and other items of interest.  I can’t thank Jon Hoover and Devonshire Group enough.  Aaron is doing the work and I hope everyone will like the change. 

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