We win no matter what

Chase and I drove to Cincy this weekend for his travel baseball team.  We left CMI after a stop at Grammies to ensure that Larkin’s smoker cough was indeed just that and not a repeat of January.  I just added up that bill to the tune of $20,293.42.  And I manage her health very well at home so when we go to Carle – they and we know it’s bad.   Her cough is like Chase’s voice – raspy.  I am assuming that her voice (when she finds it) will be like his. 

We arrived in Ohio after driving thru IL, IN, OH, KY back to OH then back thru KY then our final destination of OH.  It was an interesting drive.  I have only flown into CVG.  In my years as a flight attendant for United Airlines, I have visited the city but only by air.  I still think in airport code though.  A habit along with military time that I can’t seem to break. 

It’s a BEAUTIFUL city and a BEAUTIFUL drive.  Chase and I were in awe of the trees in bloom, the hills and valleys and the spectacular river.  Who knew that in 4 hours we could be in such plush views.   IBOTP please explain to me how you are here and not there!!  Although I thank God that you are a stones throw away for my own selfish reasons 🙂 

We spent the weekend at a Holiday Inn.  Not an Express which is why I didn’t get any smarter according to my sister.  It rained on Friday evening and most of the day on Saturday so our games were postponed until Sunday.  I rounded up 9 12yr old boys and took them downtown to the Cincinnati Aquarium.  NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!!   The boys had so much fun and I did too.  I am pretty sure the Holiday Inn staff is including me in their Thanksgiving prayers this year cause those boys were losing their minds in the hotel. 

We played on Sunday which ended up being 70 degrees and no wind.  First game we won by the 15 run rule and sat and watched other games until our 1:30 game.  I have traveled with Chase for baseball for the past 3 years.  His other team won the World Series last year and he and I have learned a lot on this road.  I have learned that it’s a nice break for me to get away from home and the daily grind.  It’s a nice break for Andy to have us gone.  It’s a great way for Chase and I to spend time together just the two of us.  The conversations we have to and from the sites are often in depth.  He opens up to me and talks about his fears, feelings and hopes.   We hang out and have dinner and go to sleep talking and watching the tube.   It’s a great way for him to not live in the shadow of his sister, her health and all that we have to do for her.   

We travel with a great group of parents and kids.  We meet lots of different types of people.  Some who are still living out their own little league career at age 40.  Some who want to berate their child as they stand on the field unable to defend themselves.  Some who like Chase’s father and me who simply love watching their child play, have fun, learn rules and to behave like a good sport.  I am thankful we have these weekends even though it is time consuming.

Win or lose on the field, he and I always win.   This boy of mine who I love more then my own life makes me smile, laugh and cry with joy.  I am so grateful to have him.  I am so grateful that I know the extreme of parenting so I am grounded in what is important but can dream that one day my son and my daughter might one day run those bases hand in hand.   THAT is what I will call a true home-run. 

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  1. Melissa says:

    It sounds like an exciting trip. I love visiting aquariums. Chase is lucky to have a mom that just enjoys the game, and doesn’t put pressure on him.

    Oh and Delphine gets that cough too!

  2. CAmommy2KJ says:

    ahem… so did you know I’m going to be in Cincinnati on May 20th? Yep yep yep.

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