Blast from the past

For those who wonder – who may not have heard – or are just curious, Larkin Murphy Armstrong is a child that came with a message. Andy and I were eager to have a child and after years of infertility with Chase, I knew it would be difficult. As a couple we endured our physical life as a couple being reduced to testing, diagnostics and clinical sex. WOO HOO. Good times. Neat. Wish you were here?? I endured 2.5 years of injections, probes, endless disappointments, weight gain and in general feeling like a bloated bitch. In fact to this day if you have on a white coat I just might take my clothes off. It’s that clinical. Andy and I chose another path in the end. However for grins, while we waited for another door to open, we did one artificial insemination. Yeah my body laughed at those. But they are free, fairly painless so why not. Well when it came time to check me out for another pathway, I was pregnant. What? Who? Us? NO WAY. 5 IVF’s, 27 IUI’s and you don’t even wanna know how much in drugs – and we are pregnant?

I felt something was wrong so I figured it was a fluke and wouldn’t last. Saw the heartbeat at 4 weeks. Saw heartbeat at 6 weeks. Saw heartbeat at 8 weeks. Went to Barnes in St Louis for CVS to ensure nothing was wrong. Saw heartbeat, arms, legs and a squirming little baby. Had the test. 99.98% correct. Barnes has never had an incorrect result. Received a call a week later. Beautiful baby. All chromosomes are fine and things are beautiful. It’s a girl. 9 months went by quickly. We had a beautiful baby girl. Her doctor noticed a minor thing about her short upper arms in proportion to her torso. We have a beautiful baby girl. Her doctors did another blood typing. We have a beautiful baby girl. Diagnosis of Down syndrome. We have a beautiful baby girl. Many many tests and scary doctor visits and worry beyond belief. We have a beautiful baby girl. Moments of self-doubt, worry, angst, anger, denial. We have a beautiful baby girl. Diagnosis of seizures. We have a beautiful baby girl. Realization that life goes on and that it is OK. We have a beautiful baby girl. – Do you see a trend here? Message is….she is meant to be and she was meant to be ours. Tests, doctors – aren’t going to stand in the way of what God intends. In fact WE are the case that doctors talk about. WE are in the text books.

So to share with those who are new to our journey I am posting our 1st year family video. Sneak a peek into our world outside of words. It’s an oldie for many of you but I hope you enjoy it just the same. Welcome to our world. Welcome to our beautiful little girl who came with a message. Love unconditonally. 

Watch our video by clicking HERE.

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2 Responses to Blast from the past

  1. Jen says:

    Such Beauty.
    Thanks for making me cry and for sharing this.

  2. Judy says:

    Amy, I don’t know you (yet) but I just wanted to tell you that you are truly blessed to have two loving children. This video is beautifully done and it has really stuck with me since I watched it. I’ve read through some of your entries and was able to learn alot about you and your family. I have to say that I could completely relate to how Chase felt when he joined his current travel baseball team. Grego experienced very similar experiences with that other team and he, too, got his smile and love of baseball back when he joined the Krush this year. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how precious this video is and thanks for sharing.

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