Larkin is all things hoped for

I am taking a cue from my friend Jen and sharing words that a new parent to a child with a disability needs to hear.  While it is directed to those with a child with Down syndrome, it rings true for all of our children who are either born with specials needs or develop an issue later in life.

for new parents of a child
with Down syndrome
…”There’s so much to consider! About learning how to manage prejudice, and about what to say and when to say it, and about how to juggle schedules and therapies and all that. There’s forgiveness, for all of us, and strength, and love, and hope, too. And faith, in yourself, and your child. Let your child show you the way. You will find it, together, and it will be amazing. It will be all the things you hoped it would be; it’s all there, waiting for you.”
Jennifer Graf Groneberg

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