Country Music

I’ve been thinking about this for a while but today sealed the post.  What is up with Country music.  Specifically the songs that are being sung BY women that are all about violence TO men.  I kinda thought about it when the song Carrie Underwood sang about smashing up a guys truck and scratching her name into seats.  Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats?  Whatever.  How about next time you walk away from a jerk, fix your picker and chose a better man.  Today the song was a woman singing about show a guy what girls are made of – lead and gun powder.  She sang about getting her rifle and loading it up and waiting for him to come home while she smoke a cigarette.  Nice.  So you are made of lead and gun powder and you smoke.  Super.  Lung cancer or you will blow yourself up.  Sorry but that is the mother in me coming out.  Can’t you just picture saying “put that cigarette out or you will blow yourself up, Gun powder and Lead”. 

My point is this.  Reverse those songs.  Could a man sing about smashing up a woman’s car or getting his rifle and smoking while he waits to kill the girl.  Hells no.  The singer would be vilified and the songs trounced as inciting violence.  I don’t enjoy them sung by male or female.   However these are top 10 songs on the charts and people LOVE to sing along with them.   It’s ok to sing about violence on property owned by a male and kill a man?   We are raising a young man and he will respect women by and from our example.   What does it teach him when he hears those songs?  People complain about Rap music – might wanna switch gears and listen to the same garbage coming out of Nashville.

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2 Responses to Country Music

  1. Katherine says:

    Seriously! At this point we’re down to WILL and WEFT.

  2. Bethany says:

    Now I thought you were gonna say you like country since you posted some Sara Evans today! LOL I love country music, but I guess I just sing along and don’t really listen to the words. I have comprehension problems, that is why I had reading in school. LOL

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