Drive-by observers who don’t know how to paint

I was so angry last night when I went to bed that, I could not sleep.  I had fights in my head – which I kinda like because I win all of those.  Reading our local paper, blogs from around the country and national news makes me want to SCREAM in frustration. 


Let me liken it to this.  Children are a work of art.  ALL children.  I have been busy painting both of my children.  I have mother’s intuition and the deep selfless love for my children that is required. 


Chase came with his own paint set and it was typical.  46 colors, some brighter and some I had to add water to and some he has not used yet. 


Larkin – well she came with one more color.  She came with 47.  I had to learn how to work with that 47th color so that she will have a full and productive life.  The rest of the world judges her extra beautiful color in different ways.  Some see it as a “defect” some see it as an enhancement.  The people that I surround my studio with see it as just a part of who she is. 


You have to know and feel love to be able to truly see the 47th color as it should be seen.  This is an open letter to those of you in the mainstream media, bloggers, and those who write letters to the editor:


You dare walk by MY gallery and judge my painting?  Oh no you did n’t.  You are a drive-by observer who has NO idea about my canvas, style of art or love.  Put down your poison pens and typewriters and just leave those of us with the 47th color, along with those who can truly see the beauty of our art, alone to work.  You (and you know who YOU are) take the time to reduce a child, a son/daughter, grandchild, sibling, niece, nephew, cousin, loved and cherished member of a community down to an extra chromosome??   A Down’s child.  A Down’s syndrome baby.  Her Down’s kid.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? AAGGGHHHHH


In effect, you have reduced a HUMAN BEING down to a tiny extra piece of DNA, which is exactly why over 90% of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted.  You are liars.  You are uneducated.  You are haters.  You have no idea how to paint.  You can’t even begin to know how to see the 47th color.  In addition, you dare to write that Sarah Palin should have aborted him.  You dare to write that she should not have “allowed” herself to get pregnant.  Yeah why don’t you set women’s rights back about 50 more years?  But that is a whole nother issue.


He is a baby.  He is a son.  He is Trig.  He is a human being.  To reduce him down to his extra chromosome begins a slippery slope that leads directly to Nazi Germany.  Remember that leader?  Yeah he could not see many colors even in the traditional 46-paint set.  We know where that led. 


She is a little girl.  She is a daughter.  She is Larkin.  She is a human being.  I have educated you on people first language.  Now go away and leave me alone, I am painting. 


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4 Responses to Drive-by observers who don’t know how to paint

  1. Zoey's mom says:

    SHE is absolutely gorgeous and YOU are a magnificent painter.Enough said.

  2. Hi Amy,

    Sorry, I realize I responded to one of your older blogs…so I wanted to make sure you saw my other posting which was:

    I was thrilled to find my poem on your site and I’m so glad if it touched you in any way. One of my best childhood friends has a daughter named Alicia May. I wrote this poem for her. Amazingly, I have a children’s book which is coming out next spring relating to Alicia and her older sister, Rachel. I’d love to get your feedback on it. You can read the blurb on Keep the faith! You’re blogs are so real…I love it.
    Blessings, Nancy

  3. rae says:

    amen sista! I actually screamed out loud… much to the dismay of the other folks in line with me… in the grocery store last week when I saw a US weekly magazine cover with a pic of Sarah and Trig with the caption… “Sarah Palin and son Trig afflicted with Down syndrome”…. AFFLICTED! Seriously.

    Well I just wanted to say… keep painting… you obviously have an amazing knack. Your gallery is filled with incredible works of art…masterpieces. hugs

  4. Melanie says:

    I absolutely love the way you think and write!!! You go girl!!! It’s a shame that we even have to read this in our local papers!!! Karma has a bad way of returning to those who send it out in a negative ways and I wish people who write or talk nonsense like that would pay closer attention to the karma they could get in return!!! Thank you for speaking that loud voice not only for your beautiful work of art but for the many others out there as well!!! We LOVE YOU AMY!!! Hugs from the Bates family

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