Monday 1:00 Looms

I am so sad, mad and frustrated to the point of tears. FACTS seemed to be confused with a presidential race. RIGHT NOW Illinois is NOT TAKING CARE OF THOSE WITH DISABILITIES. You betcha that will affect me come November.

Respite care is something I signed her up for 3 years ago. She still hasn’t gotten it.  I am not even sure I would have used it – but NEVER have we been anywhere close to the top of the list.

ST, PT, OT, DT and a myriad of other positions are being left vacant at our local services center because they can’t meet payroll.  Waiting list for services.

Our local services center created a referendum 3 years ago that passed and created it so that 65% of their budget comes from local tax funding. However the State of Illinois still hasn’t paid bills for services from last April. Can you stay in business if your funder doesn’t pay for over 5 months?  The only way our local DSC has stayed alive thus far is because we don’t rely on the State more.

Danville closed.  The detox center here in Champaign run by the mental health center closed.  Springfield (the capital of our great state and the governor doesn’t even stay there) can’t make payroll.  Decatur using emergency funds and can’t make payroll. Camargo – services are now at wait lists.  I could go on and on and on.

Our Champaign DSC had to pass a deficit budget earlier this year by 60k.  We figured we could make it up somehow through fund raisers. Now the budget has been slashed by 300k – we can’t make that up and now the cuts and closings have begun.

Illinois has open beds in group homes. For the past 3 years they will only allow 30 kids in at a time because they want to roll their budget into next year and make the numbers look better. Where is our leadership?

Now it’s 15 kids because of budget reductions.  Where is our leadership?

Illinois tells ME which group home Larkin would go into.  If it’s in Chicago or downstate 3 hours from us – so be it.  EVEN IF A LOCAL BED IS OPEN – It’s what their budget dictates NOT what is best for the child/family.  Ask our local DS group leader.  Her son is 2 hours away from her.  Where is our leadership?

Illinois is 9th is spending on institutions.
Illinois is 37th with citizens sending their kids to institutions. MEANING that most of our kids are at home with their parents. NOT IN INSTITUTIONS but that is where the Chicago machine sends the money.

Check out and find out what we are fighting.

And guess what the current Ethics Bill sitting in the Senate would force?  Oh hmmm yes the Institutions – so strong and so funded and so lobbied – are lining the pockets of our Chicago machine.  They are a strong lobby that would rather take my child from me then give me the funding to pay for her to stay home.  That aint John McCain. That is Barak Obama, Emil Jones, Mike Madigan and Blogoavich. THAT is our leadership and they have chosen to ignore us until we went national.  Moreover, where exactly are they?

Emil Jones doesn’t want to pass that Ethics bill until AFTER the election.  He doesn’t want to. Obama had to call him last Friday to force him into it.  ALL OF THEM ARE UNDER PRESSURE. Otherwise – they would be going status quo.  Keeps the money coming until Election Day.  THEN we will pass that annoying ethics bill.

Emil Jones can’t call a special session to restore the funding without first addressing the Ethics Bill issue.  Therefore, you see – it’s a catch 22.  Let those with disabilities fail because he doesn’t want to pass the bill that is first in line.  This is what this man is doing – one man – is keeping the State Senate from reconvening to vote on the funding because he doesn’t want the Ethics Bill passed until after election day.

THIS IS A STATE ISSUE. THIS IS A HUMAN BEING ISSUE. WHERE ARE OUR LEADERS??????? Obama – He is too busy running for office, Jones – too busy trying to help him win, Madigan – too busy fighting with both of the former over who has the biggest ego and power, Governor – busy trying to destroy what is not in Chicago and doesn’t line his pockets.

We parents are screaming mad and terrified for our kids and I am living this. You should be scared cause if this leadership gets into a higher office with his buddies – it aint my state border anymore.  It’s yours

Rod R. Blagojevich, Governor100 W. Randolph Street, Ste. 16-100Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 814-212-1207 State House Springfield, IL 62706 (217) 782-6830 or

Emil Jones, Senate President 507 W. 111th Street Chicago, Il 60628 (773) 995-7748, 327 Capitol Building Springfield, IL 62706, (217) 782-2728

Michael J. Madigan, Speaker of the House6500 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60629 (773) 581-8000, 300 Capitol Building Springfield, IL 62706 (217) 782-5350

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3 Responses to Monday 1:00 Looms

  1. cm says:

    Hi Amy,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now, and am so impressed with your love and support for your daughter. I am a special education teacher and I empathize with your fight to get Larkin what she needs. I too am very interested in this election and what the nominees can bring to special education. I feel like I still don’t know enough about either side. Would you share how you feel John McCain could help special education? Does he have a plan to increase funding? I am attempting to understand McCain’s side but haven’t seen how he feels about special ed.

  2. Zoey's mom says:

    You go girl!Spitting mad I think is the term and I can feel the spit all the way in California!Always proud of you for standing up and never being afraid to speak your mind.Keep it up.

  3. Amy says:

    CM – here is the link for you to check out McCain’s home state vs Obama’s home state.

    McCain’s home state of Arizona ranks #1 in spending on those with disabilities.

    Obama’s home state of Illinois ranks 51 out of 50 states

    You do the math. I have yet to see either candidate give me any position on spending in regard to special education or early intervention. But as far as I can see – looking at their home state is a very good start my friend.

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