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For those of you that have been asking or are wondering, YES we are working very hard on Larkin’s Place at the Y and the YMCA project. The economy has not slowed us down one little bit. There is not a lot for me to share at this point because frankly the paperwork alone would bore you.


We are working on fundamentals and the planning stages do not hold any glory or fun but a lot of hard work. I promise you great things are coming!! Be patient and above all else, what you can do is pray. Our board has a prayer group and each of our meetings begin and end with prayer. The focus is being kept in sync because we put our trust and faith in our Heavenly Father. We pray for His guidance and thank Him for the honor of trying to do His work the best way possible. Join us will you? Prayer works and having all of you praying for the YMCA and Larkin’s Place at the Y would be amazing!


Larkin has been physically well for just over 2 weeks now and I am finally relaxing my shoulders from up around my ears to almost neck level. I haven’t talked a lot about school because she missed 18 days during this illness but I want to share with you a new person in Larkin’s life.



Amy works with Larkin at school. Unit 4 hired her as a classroom aide and you can say whatever you want about Unit 4 – but they hit the lottery with Amy. WE hit the lottery with Amy. She is an amazing person who has six children of her own. Her husband is fighting for our country in Afghanistan. Those two things alone make her incredible. Now add in the fact that she is kind, patient, loving, motivated, and funny. I think she might be a great dancer too. She LOVES MY GIRL!! She has motivated Larkin to walk more with her walker, feed herself (yeah that is gonna take some time) and she really works hard to keep Larkin safe.


My heart is at peace and even more so, my mother gut is at peace. Between Amy and Larkin’s teacher Ms. LeVette – life for Larkin at school is amazing. Larkin’s therapist are crazy about her and work so very hard to encourage her to learn. Teamwork is a great word but when you feel it and live it – it’s even better. Larkin is wrapped in love. Now please don’t take that to mean they are easy on our girl. UM NO. They push her and kick her hiney into gear but that is just another way of showing that they truly care.



I will have many great things to share with you in the upcoming months. Changes abound which can be scary but also thrilling. Even my blog is getting a face-lift! It’s a new year, new look and as I can share – you will all be the firsts to know!!

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8 Responses to Up to the Date

  1. Liz Brown says:

    I love hearing positive school stuff! It truly takes so much stress away when there are great educators to love and challenge our kids. Hugs to you all!!!xxoo

  2. Ann O says:

    WOW!! Sounds like 2009 is off to a great start for you and Larkin-and Larkin’s place. Loved the update and hearing about the great things going on at school. I agree, when you can get a TEAM working together, it’s amazing!

  3. cathy says:

    I’ve truly enjoyed watching your sweetheart blossom at school this year and wonder how I will keep up with her progress next year when we depart the same halls…love hearing that Larkin’s Place is still underway and going strong. Not that I had any doubt that would be the case 🙂 stay warm!

  4. Cynthia says:

    congrats! I’m so pleased to hear this!!!

  5. Ecki says:

    A great aide just makes all the difference! Last year, Kayla had four different 1:1 aides (they kept quitting for some reason) and didn’t make much progress. This year she’s had the same wonderful aide and she’s done fantastic. Glad Larkin has wonderful school staff. It’s so important.

  6. Melanie Bates says:

    Thank you for spreading the word on how important our educators are in helping get our children to where they need to be. If it were’nt for the ones we had we would have been lost trying to seek our way through the unknown. The became part of our family and huge support to us as many are to many other families! I am excited about what is to come of LP and as always thank you for being so proactive in bringing such a positive thing to this area. Keep up the good work and good for you for allowing prayer to carry on and guide you all in the development of LP. Hugs always from the Bates family!!!

  7. Jen Harbison says:

    Glad that Larkin is having some good days, and mom too (try to work in a massage:) Brock is getting SCL supported community living at his daycare two hours a day. We are on the 2nd SCL worker, Lacey and she’s working out really well so far – it makes a huge difference when you are comfortable with the person. Take care. Jen

  8. Dave and Angela Tomlinson says:


    Angela and I enjoyed meeting you this morning over coffee. I am so pleased that there are plenty of involved parents like you who want whats best for their own child, but also want whats best for everyone else’s child as well.

    Look forward to working together.

    Dave Tomlinson

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