Bath time

When I tell Larkin’s ENT that she loves the water I don’t think he truly understands how much she LOVES the water. I am quite sure if we let her …. she would live under water. If you haven’t had a chance – RUN to Art Mart and pick up one of these goldfish. They light up and change colors in water.






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6 Responses to Bath time

  1. man if I had all those cool toys I would stay in the water all day too.

  2. OMG… Sam loves…I mean LOVES the water too. That is actually going to be one of the big components of his Wish.

    Great pics of Larkin.

  3. Lisa says:

    PRECIOUS! I don’t know if we have Art Mart, but I’m going to find some of those fish…they’re so cool…

  4. Melanie says:

    cuuuute pics! She looks like she’s having a good time…those are good pics right before the polar plunge…except she is in warm water…lol! HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!

  5. molly jones says:

    loved the pictures of Larkin; she’s beautiful

    Will head to Art Mat soon to pick up a fish or two for our grand daughter

    Molly J

  6. Shell says:

    What a darling water baby! Bath time rocks with little ones. I love the first pic where Larkin looks like a happy little fish! Lil just loves fish. I can see that you, too, have a heard of the duckies that light up in water. All that blinking in one tub could bring on my migraines!!!

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