In my last post, I talked about putting together a video every year for our family.  Gathering pictures over time and finding music is something I really enjoy doing and helping others do the same is really a lot of fun.  Late last night I finally finished the video for 2008-2009 and while I was working on it I had a huge epiphany.

I have ended my previous videos just after Larkin’s birthday in October.  Fourteen has his birthday in late August and then we have L’s so those pictures would end the video and I would pick up the next year in October.  With the birth of the twins I had to revamp this timeline and I realized that I would need to just extend things out to the end of the year and end it like most “normal” people would.  I kept thinking about this and wondering to myself WHY did I ever get into the habit of ending things in October and I went to bed puzzled.  The next morning I was making the bed and still muttering to myself (type A much?) searching for a reason ….. when it crashed down on me like a ton of bricks.

For the first few years I wasn’t sure if we would have another birthday for Larkin.  Making it to another year was such a huge milestone for us that I would end my photos on our celebration and then I began holding my breath for the next.

I work on these videos over the entire course of the year, dropping photos in and adding/taking out music as I go along so I don’t look at the total project until I get close to needing to edit it.  So for the past week I have been watching the video over and over to work out kinks and fix flaws.  I have been in awe about how much L has changed, grown, and progressed.  Her teachers are in awe as well so I know it’s not mom goggles that I am looking through.  The first photo was taken in October of 2008 on her first day of school and she looks so different that it takes my breath away.  Her health has been stable since April of 2009 and her hair, skin, and overall development reflect this.

I will share the video here today even though I am not quite through tweaking it.  (type A much?)

Our girl went from being carried into school in the first frame of video in October of 2008 to using her walker in October of 2009 and as of November 2009 she walks into the building.  On her own and don’t EVEN try to hold her hand ~ she falls but she gets right back up and every day she looks a little less like a drunken sailor.  She has her own agenda and we are cool with that but we have to work hard to keep her safe as it is like having a walking 6 month old.  Slow and steady wins the race and Larkin is a marathon not a sprint.  We have learned to regulate our breathing, slow down, enjoy the moment, and end our years in Decembers just like everyone else and look forward to many more birthdays.

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6 Responses to Cccchanges

  1. laura says:

    Larkin’s progression in the past year has been a blessing to watch. Your daughter is just like you – remarkable.

  2. Sunny says:

    Beautiful Amy. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Bethany says:

    Love this – awesome little girl!

  4. Donita says:

    Again…you got me bawling my eyes out. BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Blond Girl says:


    I’m a (recentish) transplant to Champaign. I found your blog through Little Blog on the Prairie’s blog roll. I will be back to read more about Larkin’s journey!

  6. Melanie says:

    Amy what an amazing video. As I was watching it was amazing to see the journey your life has taken over the past year from the growth and progress with Larkin and your family, to the development of LP to the birth of the twins. Words can not express how happy I am for you all! Although I moved many of miles away, you continue to be in my thoughts from day to day! Many blessing sent your way and wishing you all the best of what the future holds for you all! God bless and many hugs sent from your friends in Yuma AZ.

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