For this child I prayed

1 Samuel 1: 27For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him

I love this scripture.  I fought infertility from age 23 on and I prayed a lot over those years.

I pray for all my children every single day

I pray for 15’s safety and that he find the right path and that one day he might see that I am not his sworn enemy but his mother who loves him with every fiber of being

I pray for B & E that they feel safe and loved ~ that they grow, thrive, and their health is stable

I pray for Larkin in so many different ways that it has been a non-stop conversation with God for years.  I pray for those who are in her life now that she is at school and out of our control.

For this child I prayed.

I prayed that her bus driver would be kind and the bus aide helpful and my petition was given to me

I prayed that her team would love and care for her the way we do and my petition was given to me

I prayed that her teacher would include her in all ways to ensure Larkin’s classmates would know her and understand her and my petition was given to me

I prayed that her therapists would push her to learn and see that under all the damage there is a child waiting and my petition was given to me

I prayed that her cross cat teacher would keep her safe and find ways to keep Larkin motivated and yet find room for resting and my petition was given to me

I prayed that her aide would be an amazing person with a gentle spirit, loving soul, strong arms and back, and find the treasure within this amazing little girl who brings me to my knees in prayer daily

and my petition was given to me

It has not been without bumps and a few bruises and a fainting spell here and there

Twice this week the bus driver and I giggled as I picked a sleeping Larkin up and carried her off the bus thinking she had fallen asleep after a long day

The first day I realized Larkin was hot to the touch but she rested on my bed and soon found some energy

The second day once inside the house I couldn’t get her to come around and again her skin was hot to the touch.  She began to shiver and throw up and it was then I realized she had fainted from the heat ~ not being tired.

I was confused as to why such a short bus ride would affect her so quickly.  So I made a few calls to the bus garage and school.  It’s been terribly hot and the air conditioning in Larkin’s room at school wasn’t working and neither was the air on her bus ride home

So a hot room to an even hotter bus and there wasn’t any one person at fault ~ just a perfect storm

These things do happen and it take a vigilant parent and wonderful team working together to make sure that it doesn’t happen again

And things will happen.  Things just do.

Someone on Larkin’s team told me that she describes me as “demanding but reasonable” and I was pretty darn happy with that

I am demanding.  I am also reasonable in that life isn’t perfect and people aren’t either and I am holding this girl tight in the center of the storm as it circulates around us

There are different types of storms around all of our children (typical and non) and lives constantly

Therefore my prayers are at a constant between me and God and I know He is listening

Larkin is doing beautifully at school ~ She is happy, well adjusted, following rules, and truly seems to fit in

I couldn’t be happier with Unit 4, Barkstall and everyone I have come into contact with.  Judging from the notes that come home and daily emails about her therapy sessions, they cherish this little girl and are helping her reach for the stars

Now let’s all pray for her aide’s back & arms

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2 Responses to For this child I prayed

  1. Laura says:

    Poor Larkin, but so glad you figured out what was going on. I am so glad that you feel comfortable with the job the school is doing. I know that helps your comfort level.

  2. Tara Wilson says:

    Once again, something beautiful to read. Ill admit I was a bit nervous with what you began describing with Larkin. While its not a good thing to be overly heated, its not the worst thing to have read. I am so glad that she is doing well.

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