Answering a call and winning!!

The Festival of Trees 2008 has ended.  The playhouse delivered, created tremendous buzz among all the little girls who dream of such a dwelling in their backyard, and the raffle pulled with Andy’s best friend winning the house.  It was exciting to have the winner present.  They have 2 little girls who will love this house!! 


Chase and I were putting raffle tickets into two different boxes.  He wanted to win the money tree.  I wanted the Rejuvenis facial cosmetic surgery and medical spa package.  Chase didn’t win his money tree however I did win!!  I am so excited and screamed when they pulled out the name Larkin.  (I write her name on tickets because I have yet to find another Larkin and it is easier that way.  She brings me luck in many ways)


I plan to book my facial/Botox appointment soon.  A deep trench from pulling my brows together the past 3 years has become my third eye and will soon be a memory, well for 6 months anyway. 


Larkin has had a cold since last week.  We have sequestered her at home but I think that tomorrow she will be able to go to school.  She sounds awful and was up through the past 3 nights needing water and comfort.  Both of which we are happy to provide. 


I was given the honor of speaking to the Junior League Gala crowd on Saturday night.  I walked them through the history of League, the journey of Larkin, how Larkin’s Place was born with their help.  It was important to me that everyone in the room understood how vital Junior League is to our community.  League members need a boost this time of year.  They work so hard on Festival of Trees and with the economy the way it is, it makes their job harder. 


Since Saturday night, I have heard from many people how much my words helped them.  Some crying and some energized because they felt the impact they make in so many different ways.  It is hard for me to accept praise for my words.  I mean and feel everything I say so deeply that when I do this type of thing it is as easy as breathing for me.  I do not do it to make myself feel good.  I do it because it is my calling.


 Philippians 2:3 says  Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.  4Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.


Rev. Malcom Nygren writes a weekly piece that runs the News-Gazette every Sunday.  Yesterday it was about answering your calling and he mentions that a wise man told him a long time ago that people answer a call when they see a need and know they can do something about it and they do.  The greater the need, the greater the call. 


I am answering the call.  I see the need and it is a great need.  There are many of us answering, which makes the burden lighter.  I will be working on my thankful list for posting this week.  In the meantime, my brows will look AWESOME! 









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2 Responses to Answering a call and winning!!

  1. Leeanthro says:

    You *so* don’t need botox!

    It was wonderful finally meeting you IRL. Your speech was very moving and inspiring. It was hard to keep from crying (and I’m not telling if I did!).

    We didn’t win the playhouse, darn! But my hubby did get a consolation prize in the car drawing. Which is good, because he wanted to get his truck detailed and the gift certificate will cover a lot of it. He was so close to winning that car!

  2. Tracey says:

    The words spoken on Saturday night reached well beyond JLCU. It was what all the exhausted and tired members of league needed, but it was also what the rest of the community needed to hear. I wish we could have had speakers on Neil St so that those who were not inside could have heard those words that touched so many of us so deeply. You may feel that you are just doing what you are supposed to and what doing what comes natural, but to the rest of us, you are one amazing woman!

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