Ah…Luke ye barley knew me

Luke 12:48 But someone who does not know, and then does something wrong, will be punished only lightly. When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required.

This scripture made me cry today.  I’ve read it a million times.  We hear it everyday in the context of being given much – much is required in return.    BUT now I read paid attention to the last portion.   I have been ENTRUSTED with much. 

I have been ENTRUSTED with two souls.  It requires much from me to ensure that both are kind, loving, gentle human beings.  It requires much from me to ensure that Chase loves his Heavenly Father.  No different then making sure he eats what his body needs to be strong and function – I make sure he receives what his mind/soul need.

Larkin.  Larkin changed me.  I realized with her birth that I am responsible for this little girls soul for my entire life.   Chase will make his own decisions at a certain point and already has begun to do so.   Larkin’s soul is dependent on MY decisions.  Sit on that one for a while. 

I have been given much.  I have been ENTRUSTED with much and therefore even more is required.  There is a subtle yet distinct difference between given and entrusted.    That hit me square in the forehead today.  He trusts me.  She was given to me by Him and He TRUSTED me to take care of her.  He trusts that I will answer the call to given even more.   

Entrusted.  Trust.  Heavy words.  Heavy responsibility.  All children are.  Special ones, even more so. 

Larkin’s Place.  I spend a great deal of my time, my families time and Larkin & Chase’s time on this.  I will give because Chase and Larkin have been entrusted to me.  Much more is required. 

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5 Responses to Ah…Luke ye barley knew me

  1. Renee Garcia says:

    Ohhh so true and so scary.. but you’re doing a great job my friend. I’m so proud of you!! Kennedy wore the green dress with horses on it the other day and I thought of you. Yes… it still fits… and she has room to grow.

  2. Katherine says:

    And now I’m crying. Pregnancy hormones and powerful posts are not a good combination. You have no idea how much I needed to hear that today. God bless.

  3. RK says:

    I pray every single night during Braska’s night-night prayers for the wisdom to make right decisions for this kiddo of mine. That I may raise her right, protect her well, and teach her well. I screw up a whole lot, so I need that nightly reminder.

  4. Melanie Bates says:

    When you read that to me on the phone the other night I felt like I was right there beside you walking in a journey very similar to yours. I’ve always believed that God gave me my son with Down Syndrome for a reason and I’ve always believed that he is my child but he’s god’s son. Now from that verse you are right we are entrusted with our very gifted children. They bring purpose to our lives, we provide for them but yet they provide for us. With them we have knowledge that we would have never had before and because of them we are able to do great things with this knowledge because we were entrusted. I admire you so much and am very thankful to have had the chance to cross paths with you!! Until we meet I will look forward to our next conversation. I’m right there with ya sister!!!!

  5. Barbie says:

    Wow. All I can say is….I will not cry. (At least not in front of you.)
    Good thoughts. Very good thoughts. Thanks for sharing them.

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