What she said….

Here is my response to theangrypharmacist.com when I responded to  the blog and dared to ask that “stupid” patients not be called “retards”.  

 Now I cavet this with —  I bought and will begin to blog under the name theangrychromosome.com soon.  It makes me laugh.  It’s funny.  Everyone says people with Down syndrome are loving, nice and always happy.  Un huh…ever met Larkin when she is in a mood??

Enjoy my rant back.  I’ll wait for the car accident and the apology.  I promise you that both are going to happen.    

I have gone back and forth this evening trying to decide if this warranted a response. It really doesn’t except I wanted to note a few things.

I don’t wish to have the word stricken from the English language nor was I ugly to you about it. However your rant is ugly and personal and directed at those who cannot fight for themselves.

There will come a time in your life when you will want to apologize to me. It will come. I promise you that. The difference between you and me is that I chose to live my life out in the open. I don’t have to hide behind the internet. Instead of being ugly to those who can’t help themselves I have chosen to build a multi-million dollar facility to help them.

Oh and I rant. Although for the most part our doctors and pharmacists take very good care of us. I didn’t even go off when our regular person filled her Zonegran at 100mg instead of 25mg. I didn’t want to make her feel any worse then she already did. She knew what she did and she took a verbal beating from our Neurologist. Larkin is alive because she weighed enough to tolerate it.

I really loved reading here until now. Making it personal and ugly took all the fun out of it. So my friend here are two lessons I wish to impart to you; 1. Pharmacist make mistakes too. 2. You are one car accident away from becoming disabled and receiving a diagnosis of “retarded”.

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  1. mrs. chicken says:

    People are so stupid, and they fail to realize that words have meaning. We toss around language like it is completely meaningless.

    Good for you for writing this.

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