Does this walker match my drapes?


Larkin is all stylin now with her new ride.  Her physical therapist came by this week and left us a reverse walker so that she can practice walking.  She stands in front of the walker and uses it to balance herself.  Just like Grandma used only it’s behind her instead of in front.  The operative word in that sentence is “Grandma”.   Andy and Larkin were using it last night while Chase and I went to Urbana for his opening double-header baseball game.  He won but that is a whole nother story. 

Amyway – no that is not a typo, it makes me laugh – I have passed the walker many times during the night and day.  I stare at it.  It’s gold,  fancy and all which of course draws attention but its the kind of stare you give something you just aren’t quite sure about.   It’s a new addition to the family.  An expected addition but I don’t care how much you expect it – it still takes some getting used to.  Kind of like a baby.  You bring it home, if they let you, and you stare. 

Grandma’s use these walkers.  It’s different to see one so low to the ground.  Children are not supposed to need these items.  Children are supposed to be able to crawl, walk and smile about it as we snap photos to capture the blissful moment.  This isn’t supposed to be in my house.  IT DOESN’T MATCH MY DRAPES!!  But it does match our path and so I will accept it. 

So it makes me sad and happy at the same time.  Kinda like when Chase still crawls into my bed in the morning and curls up with me.  I am so thrilled that he loves his mama that way but I am sad because I know the day will come when he won’t do that anymore.  I see the young man coming and the boy is still here. 

Larkin will walk with the help of this new golden item.  It’s shiny and it’s a hoot to watch her walking with it.  It will be a long time before she will be able to do it alone.  She needs lots of support but the day will come. 

 In the meantime we will snap pictures of the blissful event as she smiles.  She will do what every other kid does, it will just take her longer.  Perhaps I just need to shop for new drapes.

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5 Responses to Does this walker match my drapes?

  1. RK says:

    I bet it is a hoot to watch her walking in it. And hey, what’s wrong with another reason to shop? And for what it’s worth, it goes wonderfully with that beautiful chest!

  2. Katherine says:

    Think of it as an excuse to buy new drapes!

  3. Renee Garcia says:

    I know Amy, I feel the SAME way about the halo in Kennedy’s future… I’m trying not to think about it. SO we want video of Larkin with her walker! 🙂 I can just imagine she is SO proud of herself! (BTW, I didn’t even catch the amyway until you pointed it out! haha)

  4. jfro says:

    it’s very “versailles” !!! BUT, i would make it really “pop” w/some dice from my friends at PEP BOYS….thank you as always amy…..sincerely, THE CHAMPAIGN GARDEN CLUB

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